sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Art vs Sports

I've been so busy this week that I barely got time to have some fun. Lots of studying, surveying has me going nuts and physics drives me crazy too. But I'm still alive and that's the most important thing. Let's discuss something I'm worried about, Art. What I mean by art is: acting, painting or playing an isntrument. I recently joined my college's choir, it's only me and other 3 or 4 more people. What's happening with others, don't you wanna join? the thing is that this will dissapear if we don't support this kind of things. In the times when my mother studied at my college there were lots of clubs that students could join, like acting, singing, there was even one for students from archaeology. What happened to all of these?, it was replaced by sports and cheerleading. Don't get me wrong I respect those who feel passion for this, but it's just not my thing. There should be other options for people like me too.



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