jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Valentines Day, Horror Day

Valentines Day, huh?, one thing to say: I HATE IT. I totally hate this day, and not because I'm single and don't have anydody to be with. It's because people just see it like the day we should have a lover. Heaven's, no!!!!, it's the day about love, and when I say love I mean all kinds of love. Similar to the ones like parents to their children, grandparents to their grandchildren, even when you love that best friend that's been with you in good and bad times. This day is to show people how much you appreciate them. So, on Monday don't wander whining around and feeling sorry for yourself cause you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, go hug your mom or dad and let them know how you feel, because you might never know if they will be with you tomorrow.



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