viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

Busy Week

Oh God, it seems like I forgot to write here, but no. It's just that I've been so busy this week. I had two tests, one was from Advanced Surveying and the other one was about Physics. Both were killer exams. So, the week before I was studying a lot, but thanks to God I am gonna have a peaceful weekend, YAY!!!!!.

I have to confess I am a big fan of gothic Lolita fashion, to me its very beautiful. I love the victorian style, the bows, black lace and of course the hats. Above is a pic of a headband with a mini hat on top. I bought at Claire's and I went crazy when I saw it. I've been looking for it for a long time and finally I found it, the love of my life (my hat). I like to do crafts on my spare time, whenever I want to relax.



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