sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

A Variety of Options

Hi again!!!!

Above is my new acquisition

Yesterday I went to the drug store to buy a hand fan. The girl behind the counter began to show me all of the fans she had, but I saw about ten or twelve of those before choosing the right one for me. Since I´m making a hand fan collection, I wanted to buy one and wanted it to schock me. I wanted to say: "that's my fan for sure" or ''it's so beautiful, this has to be mine'', from the moment I would see it.

We women should do the same thing with men, as men with women too, we should be slelective. Maybe we'll date a few guys (in women's case) that are not worth it before finding the right one. The one that will ssurprise us for the things he'll be willing to do for us. Don't be afraid to turn down some guys that simply don't fill your expextations, and don't feel afraid of being alone or thinking that you'll be alone forever. If you're not in a relationship right now, use this time for your own personal growth, maybe you'll get to know yourself much better than before, and maybe find other goals to achieve.



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