domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

An Ornament For You

Makeup is one of the most spectacular things that a woman can do for her own self. Like my mom says:"It's so pretty when someone always tries to look good physically by wearing a bit of perfume or some face powder, looks like you're concerned about yourself when you do this things". She used to tell me this but now I really know the meaning of her words, as years passed I took note on this and is very true, getting yourself fixed can make you feel very pretty and good. But I am very clear about the makeup concept, to me it's like a face decoration. It should be visualized like this and not like an escape to ugliness or what we think that are our flaws. Come on!!!!, we all are already beautiful and unique. Just think that makeup will enhance your beauty more, like decorating yourself.

I think women should love themselves just as they are, because if they don't, they will put makeup to go out, and when they return they'll take it off, and Guess what? they'll still see the same person reflected in the mirror. In brief words love yourself cause if you don't, no one will and that's it. Other mistake I see often, don't fix up yourself to get a partner, Girl do it for you, you and you. To feel beutiful and powerful too.



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