sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

A Different Turn

I love weddings and what they symbolize: the love between a man and a woman for all eternity, or at least that's how it's supposed to be, cause I know that many marriages don't last forever. I love to see the decorations, the flowers, the wedding dress, the cake and of course the whole wedding protocol. All of those things are so lovely.

Besides, I take advantage of the ocassion to look the best I can. Then at the wedding party happens what many singles like me hate so much, relatives start putting pressure on the single people!!!, saying: ''when are you getting married?'', "You're next'', ''Why haven't you found someone yet, it's getting late". Ugghhh Gosh, I hate that, really, really hate that, like if being single was a very bad thing, a disgrace or a catastrophic disaster. What's wrong with you people?, some of us want to wait sometime.

In addtion I have to say that this not only happens at weddings, also at family parties when the holidays come, it's just that it happened to me at a wedding. Many people get depressed when this questions are asked. Lucky for me that I don't get depressed, in fact I find it very amusing, LOL!!!! I enter a room and hold my head way of high like I'm saying: "I'm single and proud", there are no worries in head right now, no husband to cook for, no kids, no working cause I have to pay bills and a house, I work for me and my basic needs like the car, college, clothes, etc.

Hey, I love weddings!!!! as I said at the beginning, but I'm not interested on having one right now, there are other things (passions) in my mind. There lots of worlds that I want to explore and conquer.



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